CTC Launches Threat Intelligence Monitoring Service to Monitor Cyber Threat Intelligence

Enhancing Support for Cyber Security Measures by Monitoring Threat Trends Including Threats on the Dark Web

Sep 15, 2022 ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Ichiro Tsuge, President and CEO; hereinafter “CTC”) today commenced its Threat Intelligence Monitoring Service, which monitors cyber threats relevant to customers. The service uses the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud platform, a SaaS-based platform provided by Recorded Future, Inc. (headquartered in Massachusetts, U.S.; Christopher Ahlberg, CEO), to monitor cyber space including the dark web, where illegal information is traded and information on attempted cyber-attacks is exchanged, for the early detection of new threats and prompt response measures. Our new service is offered as a part of the CTC Managed Security Service (CTC-MSS), CTC’s service supporting customers’ security management operations. We expect CTC-MSS, including the cyber threat intelligence service, to generate sales of 10 billion yen over the next three years.

In recent years, cyber-attacks aimed at stealing the confidential information of specific organizations and personal information have been increasing. Attackers are expanding their activities mainly on the dark web, which is inaccessible using general search engines. Therefore, an important element of cybersecurity measures is to keep abreast of threat trends on the dark web. However, accessing and investigating the dark web not only involves the risk of malware (malicious software) infection but also requires a high level of expertise, including knowledge regarding the thoughts and behaviors of attackers.

The new service is offered to monitor threat trends on the Internet, including the dark web, and provide customers with information such as activity on the dark web including the leakage of confidential information relevant to them, attacks that are planned against them, methods of attacks and countermeasures to protect customers. The Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud platform used in our service collects threat information from the Internet using proprietary technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing, and also gathers information on leaked credentials including customer domain IDs and passwords, phishing sites similar to customer websites, new attack methods used by hackers and vulnerabilities exploited by them. CTC-MSS analysts analyze the collected information and provide customers with countermeasures to prevent potential damage from threats.

This service enables the following:

  • Reduction of risks related to cybercrimes exploiting information assets and the customer’s brand
  • Obtainment of information on attempted cyberattacks of customers to take countermeasures before an attack occurs
  • Acceleration of decision making based on attacker-perspective cybersecurity threat intelligence
  • Reduction of time and money needed to secure and develop human resources and to establish a framework to leverage threat intelligence

CTC has also adopted the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud platform at the CTC Security Operation Center, which remotely monitors corporate systems 24/7/365, to improve the quality of its notifications of detected threats and enhance its security monitoring capabilities. Specifically, its monitoring targets have been expanded beyond the conventionally monitored security devices to include network devices and their access logs, enabling the detection and notification of potential security threats by leveraging threat intelligence.

We will continue to leverage various vendors’ security platforms including Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud platform to expand CTC-MSS brand services and provide enhanced security capabilities to customers who are shifting to multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud computing.

CTC's OneCUVIC brand services for hybrid cloud environments

With the use of cloud computing and the diversification of work styles including teleworking, corporate IT systems and infrastructure are moving toward a hybrid cloud environment that combines traditional on-premises systems and cloud services, increasing the complexity of internal and external security measures.

CTC offers OneCUVIC brand services to transform customers' hybrid cloud environments into simple and secure DX infrastructure by combining various technologies and services to meet their needs and address their challenges in these increasingly diverse hybrid cloud environments. Specific services are listed below (1-4), and the enhancement of security services mentioned above is a part of these efforts.

  1. Study, planning, and implementation of the migration of various corporate systems to the cloud according to their characteristics of applications and data (support for cloud nativization)
  2. Provision of a range of types of cloud infrastructure and data center services appropriate for the realization of the plan described in 1
  3. Provision of network and security services to connect and protect the hybrid cloud environment
  4. Provision of integrated condition monitoring and managed services to improve the UX in the hybrid cloud environment

We have received the following statement from Recorded Future Japan KK (hereinafter “Recorded Future Japan”) regarding this press release.

Recorded Future Japan welcomes the expansion of CTC Managed Security Service (CTC-MSS) with the release of the Threat Intelligence Monitoring Service. Security risks are rising as attackers have become more organized and sophisticated. Thus, how risks are detected and the taking of prompt countermeasures before a major incident occurs is important for the continuity of business activities. We are confident that the combination of the Threat Intelligence Monitoring Service based on CTC's expertise and our Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud platform will contribute to customers' proactive security measures. We will continue to strengthen our partnership with CTC and provide solutions that will help customers mitigate their security risks.

Hideki Ushigome
Country Manager
Recorded Future Japan KK

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