Relationship with Our Suppliers

Basic Stance on Relationship with Our Suppliers

CTC considers all of its suppliers as important business partners, who develop and maintain innovative new solutions and services together with us. By communicating closely with our suppliers, we seek to build sound and healthy partnerships with them, and to grow and develop together as partners contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.

Cooperation with SI Partners

CTC is maintaining and strengthening its systems for developing and integrating systems in cooperation with system integration (SI) partners in Japan and overseas (about 1,000 companies) in a bid to meet the diversifying needs of its customers.
High quality and productivity are naturally essential to system development and integration. The protection of information, which is a customer asset, is another important matter. CTC is attaching importance to information security management systems, in addition to factors such as management foundations, technical capabilities and a record of business, when selecting its SI partners. CTC is also periodically confirming information management through a check sheet and visits.
CTC has issued a certificate to SI partners called Certified CTC Alliance Partners that are particularly outstanding among the 1,000 or so companies. (Certified CTC Alliance Partners in Japan total 18 as of fiscal 2021.) CTC is working to strengthen its cooperation with these superior partners.
CTC is exchanging opinions on various development conditions and quality standards with Certified CTC Alliance Partners in addition to sharing with them information on initiatives related to advanced technologies and quality. Moreover, CTC is offering educational curriculums used within the CTC Group to CTC Alliance Partners to help them train their employees.

Cooperation with Overseas Vendors

One of the advantages of CTC is our ability to offer multivendor support. It goes without saying that this capability is underpinned by our partnerships with leading IT companies overseas. Since the time of its initial establishment, CTC has offered global-standard products-including Cisco Systems, EMC, HP, NetApp and Oracle products-one step ahead of its competitors, and succeeded in delivering optimal solutions to more clients. We rank in the highest class in terms of actual sales results with each of our partners, and have also received numerous awards from vendors. We are also one of the top companies in Japan in terms of the number of our engineers who are vendor-certified by various vendors.
We also hold regular meetings with influential overseas vendors, at which we discuss issues such as the opinions of our engineers and the demands of customers, and evaluate products from a user perspective. In this we, we also play a role in the development of higher quality products. In addition to technical meetings, we also communicate closely with vendors in other ways; such as by sharing information on topics such as new projects and maintenance services, and holding explanatory briefings on new products. By doing this, and by combining vendors' knowledge with the system building know-how that we have developed ourselves, we endeavor to provide the best solutions for our clients.

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