Organization Structure

Offering total IT services from our customers' point of view, through our closely knit organizational structure

CTC's Business Groups consist of five Business Groups, which provide IT solutions to solve customer-specific issues in each industry, and the Digital Services Group, which provides comprehensive services in each of the fields including cloud computing, security, and managed services.
While providing services that support customers across all phases of their IT lifecycle, CTC will create more sophisticated and advanced solutions that only CTC can offer to customers.

Organization Charts (as of )

CTC's Organization

To support our customers by leveraging the strength of the whole Group

CTC's Organization

Enterprise Group

The Enterprise Group offers total solutions, that include consulting, product sales, development, maintenance and operation, by leveraging the collective capabilities of the CTC Group to customers mainly in the manufacturing, service, automotive, transportation, consumer goods, and life science/healthcare industries. In addition to infrastructure construction and system development, the Group promotes multi-cloud services utilizing IaaS and PaaS to provide optimal solutions for customer needs. In the science and engineering fields, it also provides advanced expertise services including analysis consultation.
Furthermore, the Group is responsible for businesses of our consolidated subsidiary in Thailand for the purpose of expanding our business in the manufacturing sector in the country.

Retail and Service Group

The Retail and Service Group provides optimal solutions to companies in the distribution, food/wholesale and retail industries. The Group engages in development businesses, including development of core systems for a Sogo-Shosha, or general trading firm that support its global activities and store systems for convenience stores and gas stations that have become an important part of social infrastructure, and supports customers with total services ranging from maintenance/operation, cloud services, data center services, to outsourcing services. In addition, the Group is responsible for businesses of our consolidated subsidiaries in Singapore and Indonesia with the aim of expanding our business in both countries.

Telecommunication Group

The Telecommunication Group offers services to construct mission critical and complicated systems mainly for large-scale networks and databases, high-volume transaction processing and load balancing to major telecommunications carriers, broadcasters, CATV (Cable Television), ISPs (Internet Service Providers), IDCs (Internet Data Centers), OTT (Over-The-Top) and other service providers.
In recent years, the Group has focused on traffic processing technologies to support the use of smartphones. In addition, the Group is promoting our own cloud services (SaaS), and actively offering various other services, including secure e-mail services, storage services and telematics services.

Regional & Social Infrastructure Group

The Regional & Social Infrastructure Group offers total solutions using the latest technologies to postal service and electric power companies, municipal governments, government agencies in the Greater Tokyo area, Northern Japan, Chubu (Central Japan) and Nishi-Nihon (Western Japan), companies headquartered in those areas, and companies in the utility and education sectors that support our social infrastructure. The Group works on solving issues faced by our customers and society by collaborating not only with the CTC Group companies but also with partners in the above regions that engage in regional revitalization and social contribution. In addition, the Group is in charge of facilitating collaboration with vendors in Taiwan and working to nurture a cooperative relationship between Taiwanese companies and the CTC Group.

Financial Services Group

The Financial Services Group offers total solutions ranging from planning proposal, product sales, system development/construction, maintenance/operation, cloud computing, data center to outsourcing service for companies in the financial, insurance/securities, and credit sectors. For megabanks, the Group provides new services using Fintech and system development/construction services, as well as support services for their regulatory compliance in Japan and abroad with Regulatory Technology and for their global business expansion. For credit card companies, it mainly offers mission-critical and contact center systems, and large-scale operation management services. In addition, the Group is responsible for businesses of our consolidated subsidiary in Malaysia for the purpose of expanding our business in the financial sector in the country.

Digital Services Group

The Digital Services Group provides our hybrid cloud service, which combines our long-standing expertise in infrastructure platform construction with cutting-edge cloud technologies, as well as a suite of security services covering the entire security lifecycle and offers them under the OneCUVIC brand including managed services to our customers across Business Groups.
The Group is also responsible for supporting our customers' business expansion and internal business transformation and creating new services and businesses for the CTC Group by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and methods, such as generative AI and agile development with our support along every step of the way.

CRO Group

The CRO Group is responsible for formulating and executing marketing strategies adopted across Business Groups with the aim of expanding product and service businesses. With a view to solving social issues, the Group also promotes joint research on technologies in collaboration with academic institutions and other organizations and works to make proposals to government and industry institutions and to create more business opportunities for the CTC Group.

CTO Group

The CTO Group works on long-term initiatives to establish new business models through research on trends in advanced technologies and handling of products, both from Japan and abroad. In addition to sharing information on the latest technologies and solutions with each Business Group, the Group is also responsible for training personnel who can contribute to enhancement of our advanced technology offerings.

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