Relationship with Our Clients

Basic Stance on Relationship with Our Clients

In driving its business activities, CTC's primary concern is to provide its clients with convenient, safe, high-quality products and services that offer them security and peace of mind; working under our Quality Policy of offering high quality services and improving customer satisfaction.

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Initiatives to Improve Quality

We have established-and are operating-a quality management system based on the ISO9001 standard, as a company/group-wide mechanism to enable us to continue providing higher quality services. In addition to improving the quality of our services, by advancing our quality management efforts from a client perspective we also aim to achieve increased customer satisfaction.

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SI Process System


Activities to Improve Customer Satisfaction (CS)

CTC believes it is important to listen to clients and use their feedback to improve services. Based on that approach,the CS Improvement Committee leads efforts to increase customer satisfaction.

The CS Improvement Committee runs an annual client survey to ascertain whether CTC is meeting client expectations as their business partner and to identify any potential issues.

In the fiscal 2017 survey, customers gave CTC high ratings in the areas of on-site response capabilities and sales capabilities. In the meantime, they replied that CTC still had room for improvement in terms of its ability to respond to barriers and troubles. CTC learned from their replies that such capabilities were an area it should improve on in the future.

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