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CTC to Distribute Vyatta in Japan

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yoichi Okuda; hereinafter, "CTC") today announced that CTC has signed the first distributor agreement with Vyatta Inc. (headquarters: California, United States; CEO: Kelly Herrell; hereinafter, "Vyatta") in Japan. Under this agreement, CTC plans to commence the distribution of and maintenance services for the Vyatta Network Operating System on June 1. The Vyatta software routing and security solution will be offered primarily to data center businesses and cloud-based service providers.

Recent years have seen progress in system integration enabled by virtualization technologies, which has led to the increasing consolidation of servers. This has resulted in a growing need to reduce burdens on networks and strengthen network security. Users demand network products with sufficient flexibility and scalability to respond quickly to such environmental changes.

"This agreement with CTC gives us the ability to work more closely with some of the top data centers and cloud providers in Japan to drive adoption of Vyatta's Network OS," said Tom McCafferty, vice president of marketing, Vyatta. "With the rising global demand for cloud networking and network virtualization, Japan represents a significant market opportunity for the expansion of on-demand networking to help customers consolidate infrastructures and cut networking costs."

"The network virtualization changes the scale of Japanese data centers. "said Toshiharu Chuman, General Manager of CTC "We are pleased to partner with Vyatta to address this important market opportunity together."

The Vyatta Network OS is a packaged software solution that includes complete routing, firewall, VPN, IPS, Secure Web Filtering and other functions for connecting and securing the physical network edge, virtualized data center and cloud architectures. Network products with routing functions are usually provided in the form of essential applications incorporated in dedicated hardware. Unlike these, Vyatta products are software network products that use general computers and virtualized environments as the platform.

Vyatta products support x86 hardware and can be used on a virtualized environment such as VMware ESX server and Citrix Xen Server. Vyatta's software approach to routing and security allows users to scale network performance by adding CPUs, memory, and other server resources and enables users to combine multiple routers on a single unit of hardware, through virtualization technology, will help save rack space and power consumption.

Moreover, the use of an API from Vyatta enables the automatic provisioning of per-customer networking, permitting a reduction of up to 90% of the worker-hours required for introducing and setting up a router and firewall in a cloud environment. The products are also compatible with IPv6, enabling the systems that use them avoid the IPv4 address exhaustion issue.

By using Vyatta products, companies providing cloud services such as IaaS and PaaS will be able to provide on-demand network services; that is, they will be able to offer complete networking in the same manner as any other application, allowing users to add routing, firewalls, and VPN functionality as a service.

CTC has established partnerships with leading IT vendors in Japan and overseas. This track record was recognized by Vyatta, and led to the conclusion of the distributor agreement. CTC plans to promote Vyatta products actively to data center businesses and service providers that provide cloud services, as well as companies seeking to virtualize and/or automate their systems while keeping costs down.


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