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CTC Introduces Services for Inspection and Diagnosis of Wind Turbines and Support to Improve Availability of Wind Turbines

Proposing improvement measures based on diagnosis, in collaboration with German Wind Energy Research Institute

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (President & CEO: Satoshi kikuchi; head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter, "CTC") in collaboration with DEWI of Germany (President: Keith E. Williams; head office: Wilhelmshaven, Lower Saxony), part of the US product safety testing and accreditation organization, UL Inc. (President: Keith E. Williams; head office: Northbrook, Illinois ), will introduce inspection and diagnostic services for wind turbine and services to support improvement of wind turbine availability. These are the first such services in collaboration with DEWI to be provided in Japan for wind turbines. In addition to the wind power generation business support service, this will provide a one-stop service for integrated wind turbine availability improvement including assessment of the facility's assets based on the results of inspection and diagnosis of the wind turbines, and estimation of future operation and maintenance and management costs (O&M), with proposals for improvements in areas such as wind turbine availability. With these services, CTC will provide integrated support for wind power generation businesses, from the business' startup to its operation and maintenance, and aims to achieve sales of 500 million yen over the next three years.

In line with the introduction of a feed-in tariff (FIT) for renewable energy from July 1, there has been an increase in the number of banks and leasing companies providing loans or making capital participation in wind power developers. This raised the need for information on areas such as the existence of problems in a plant's power generation facilities and on the business' economic viability. To secure long-term stable operation of wind power plants, there will also be a need to conduct regular inspection and diagnosis of facilities to improve a plant's capacity utilization and increase its feasibility as a business.

CTC's new energy services and record of results

CTC has for some time offered services related to new energy, such as an SaaS*1 system to forecast wind power generation output, a service to support wind and solar power generation businesses from design to operation, and the E-PLSM*2 cloud service to provide support from planning of regional energy management to the operation and evaluation stage. In wind power generation, it has been involved in almost 50% of the installed domestic wind power businesses, ranging from technical consulting including wind resource assessment, to wind power forecasts. CTC has worked on total of 30 solar resource assessment over the past three years, both domestically and abroad, and it participates in consigned study projects for potential for the introduction of renewable energyin Japan and the establishment of annual wind variability database in the Tohoku district, commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of the Environment. It is also involved in experimental studies on promoting introduction of offshore wind power generation and on smart grids.

Wind generator inspection and diagnosis service in collaboration with DEWI

The service to be introduced will be provided in collaboration with DEWI, which has over 1,300 clients in 48 countries in wind power services. As a global inspection and research institute, DEWI has over 20 years of experience in technical consulting on wind resource assessment , wind turbine inspection, risk evaluation, measuring equipment and wind generators. In conducting onsite surveys of wind power plants, every component will be inspected and tested, from the foundation to the uppermost part of the wind turbine, together with DEWI's trained specialists for wind turbine inspection. The level of O&M will be determined, the generator's performance evaluated and the wind power plant assets appraised based on the results, and support service to improve the wind turbine availability will be proposed. Moreover, regular inspection of the wind turbine will be offered, and O&M support for improvements in availability of the wind turbine will be made based on results of regular inspection.

CTC will continue to provide integrated solutions to support new energy businesses like wind and solar power, and will further strengthen its new energy business to respond to customers' diverse needs.

Scenes from wind generator inspection

Damaged mechanical components

Damaged mechanical components

Damaged electrical components

Damaged electrical components

About UL Inc.

UL is one of the leading third-party safety science organizations, with more than 100 years of history. UL has approximately 9,000 specialists in 46 countries. Five business divisions provide services - Product Safety, Environment, Life and Health, Knowledge Services, and Verification Services - responding to the growing needs of its customers, and it deploys its activities toward its mission of public safety.

About DEWI

DEWI is a company established in 1990 by the state of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen). It conducts fundamental research into wind power energy and develops measuring technology for the industry's development and maintenance. It also provides a host of services for wind power plant improvement, not only for the development of wind power plants. In June 2012, the company was acquired by UL and became a member of its group.

  • *1About E-PLSM
    E-PLSM is a cloud service supporting the planning of energy management to the stages of operation and evaluation in a region. The "E" in E-PLSM stands for Energy, Economy, Environment and Ecology and PLSM is an acronym for "PLatform for Simulation and Management". Use of E-PLSM allows simulation of energy optimization and evaluation of economic feasibility for installation of wind and solar generation facilities, with concurrent installation of storage batteries in the region in the planning stages of smart communities. In the operating stage, it provides real-time monitoring of facilities and economic feasibility via the sale of electricity to enable smart community operations to be made based on the PDCA cycle.
  • *2SaaS for wind power generation output forecasting system
    This is a system for prior calculation of the total amount of wind power generation output within the area using a unique algorithm combining multiple statistical models. This is based on numerical forecast data (GPV) published by the Japan Meteorological Agency and the total power actually generated by wind generators in the area. It allows the wind power generation output to be forecast for the next day, enabling support of operation of the power line system. Since it is SaaS, costs are low and it can be introduced within a short timeframe.


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