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CTC to Verify Cooperation of Cloud Services Between Malaysia and Singapore

Verifying cloud technology with the aim of creating a global "Autonomous Datacenter" in Southeast Asia

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Satoshi Kikuchi, President & CEO; hereinafter “CTC”) will commence a verification test in January 2014 in collaboration with Group companies CTC Global Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia and CTC Global Pte. Ltd. in Singapore for linking cloud environments in numerous data centers in remote locations. The aim of this verification test will be to create an Autonomous Datacenter that virtually integrates multiple data centers into a single IT infrastructure. Harnessing technology that automatically controls the various equipment inside data centers using software, it will control the cloud environment of Malaysia and Singapore in a uniform fashion and carry out verification tests of load dispersion and remote backup including Japan.

It is planned to use the results of the verification test to market on-premise cloud solutions linking Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan.
The Autonomous Datacenter is a concept that is being promoted by CTC to virtually integrate multiple data centers in remote locations into a single IT infrastructure. By automatically controlling IT resources inside the data center such as servers, storage, and networks i.e. Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) technology, a robust system can be created that ensures uninterrupted services when a disaster occurs, and that brings together surplus resources from multiple data centers. Furthermore, the automatic balancing in resources in the cloud environment together with the reboot function when faults occur enable system performance and quality to be maintained with few operators.

The provision of solutions has already commenced in Japan, with a verification environment set up in August at its data centers in Yokohama and Kobe with the aim of creating an Autonomous Datacenter.

Based on the verification results in Japan, a verification test will now be commenced for a cloud environment linking multiple data centers with the aim of creating an Autonomous Datacenter between Malaysia and Singapore, in anticipation of demand from global companies operating in the Southeast Asian region for a system link and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) measures that go beyond national borders.

Further, CTC will measure the time it takes for data replication and the time it takes until services are launched in remote locations utilizing technology to reduce data transmission volume (deduplication technology) between Malaysia and Japan by building a long-distance Disaster Recovery (DR) environment. By calculating the permissible Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO), in the future we will utilize that know-how to build a system that goes beyond national borders.

For verification, overseas it will use NTT Communications’ datacenter Cyberjaya Data Center 3 (Malaysia) and Serangoon Data Center (Singapore), while in Japan it will use CTC’s data center, the Yokohama Computer Center (YCC). For the network, it will use NTT Communications’ Arcstar Universal One*1. It will also verify system integration in a multi-vendor environment by using products from different manufacturers for IT equipment such as servers, storage, and networks.

Going forward, the CTC Group including CTC Global Sdn. Bhd. and CTC Global Pte. Ltd. will work to construct large-scale systems built in Japan and to expand its business in the Southeast Asia region by harnessing the know-how acquired through the provision of various cloud services mainly for data centers. By promoting the Autonomous Datacenter, the Group will also contribute to the construction of systems that will support the global business of its customers and to the formulation of BCP measures.

The following comments are from some of CTC's vendor partners (appearing according to alphabetical order of company names).

Cisco is very excited about this initiative from CTC on global cloud infrastructure with an eye to service deployment. We consider this solution deployment will improve business continuity and expand service territory, also expect it to offer an optimal infrastructure to support companies that are active in Japan and the Asia Pacific region. Cisco will help enable a high-quality autonomous data center service by promoting the prominent data center interconnection technology “Cisco Nexus series” provides as well as “Cisco UCS” optimized for virtual environments.

Shinsuke Takahashi
Managing Director
Cisco Systems G. K.

EMC Japan K.K. sincerely welcomes the announced test engagement by CTC for achieving the “Autonomous Datacenter” in South East Asia. “EMC VPLEX” and “EMC RecoverPoint” to be used at the tests this time allow data mobility, high availability and data protection which are indispensable factors to gain high value from cloud environments. Joining hands with CTC, which strives towards ideal next generation datacenters more proactively than anybody else, EMC would like to support IT as well as business innovation of globally operating companies.

Yasuhiro Nakayama
Director, Partner Sales
EMC Japan K.K.

Hitachi, Ltd. sincerely welcomes the announced test engagement by CTC for achieving the “Autonomous Datacenter” in South East Asia. “Hitachi Unified Storage” to be used at the tests contributes to the system implementation for high availability that can be utilized data with confidence in cloud environments. Collaborating with CTC, which strives to realize Autonomous Datacenter, Hitachi Data Systems which is Hitachi group company is confident that it is possible for the companies expanding business in Japan and Asia Pacific region to provide globally homogeneous product, service and support.

Mikio Kobayashi
General-Market Business Management Division
Hitachi, Ltd.

NTT Communications Corporation heartily welcomes the commencement of verification of cloud alliance between Malaysia and Singapore. We are convinced that our high-quality next generation data center services “Nexcenter” and our global network service “Arcstar Universal One” will contribute strongly to the CTC's expected result of this verification experiment. We will encourage further growth and expansion of global cloud business to cooperate in the effort of CTC into the future.

Osamu Hanazaki
Vice President
Cloud Services, Data Centers
NTT Communications Corporation

  • *1Arcstar Universal One
    A global network service that covers 160 countries and regions worldwide. Based on high operational performance in global operations, it employs low-latency submarine optical cables to deliver a seamless connection between domestic and overseas sites.


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