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CTC Named Japan's First OCP Solution Provider

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Satoshi Kikuchi, President & CEO; hereinafter "CTC") has announced today that it has achieved Solution Provider status from the Open Compute Project ("OCP"). Already an active member of OCP, CTC is the first OCP Solution Provider in Japan to join the program and will sell, design, build, and maintain OCP-certified products beginning in April 2014.


In the United States, there is a growing demand for optimized, affordable and energy-efficient products for data centers. OCP is an initiative launched by Facebook in 2011 to increase technology efficiencies and minimize the environmental impact of data centers. By building an engineering community around the open sourcing of server, storage and data center hardware designs, it strives to further innovation and reduce operational complexity in scale computing technology.

With the rise in electricity tariffs, reducing power consumption has become an issue for data centers that consume large quantities of power. Due to the spread of cloud services, data centers are required to improve processing performance in line with the increase in demand, and to economize to deliver low costs. CTC has passed the OCP requirements and signed the first solution provider agreement in Japan to become an officially certified partner of OCP. As a Solution Provider, CTC can provide products to customers, stocking up on OCP certified products from manufacturers that follow OCP specifications and carrying out kitting and racking. It will be able to obtain the latest technical information for data centers, and to provide customers with OCP certified products. CTC will be able to deliver appropriate data center systems that meet customer requirements, and to respond to the need for open standards, including hardware.

OCP Features

Possible to provide energy-efficient, low-cost systems based on optimized designs for data centers. Possible to reduce power consumption by about 10% compared to conventional products, and by using 21-inch racks, we will deliver a better rate of accumulation than the 19-inch rack. Due to the simplified process for parts replacement in case of malfunction, the maintenance is suited to data center operations.

Future Development

With the start of deliveries planned for April 2014, the Technical Solution Center (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), CTC's comprehensive testing center, will serve as the pre-testing environment.

We will provide large-scale data center solutions and cloud platform solutions that use open source software including OpenStack, and as approved partner, we will take the OCP needs of Japanese customers to the United States and make sure that they are reflected in future OCP specifications.

"By delivering fully integrated OCP solutions that are designed for industry-leading efficiency, solution providers like CTC provide a range of customized, data center solutions that meet today' s infrastructure needs," said Cole Crawford, executive director of the Open Compute Project Foundation. "CTC and other solution providers are an important part of the OCP ecosystem, and we thrilled to welcome them to our SP program."

About the Open Compute Project

The Open Compute Project Foundation is a rapidly growing community of engineers around the world whose mission is to design and enable the delivery of the most efficient server, storage and data center hardware designs for scalable computing. OCP believe that openly sharing ideas, specifications and other intellectual property is the key to maximizing innovation and reducing operational complexity in the scalable computing space. The Open Compute Project Foundation provides a structure in which individuals and organizations can share their intellectual property with Open Compute Projects.


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ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
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E-Mail : press@ctc-g.co.jp

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